Under the name Art Pur (Pure Art) are made in Valencia a range of high quality Cavas, with extended aged and a great complexity. In order to satisfy a markets increasingly demanding and their consumers, becoming more informed.

All our products are Reserves or Great Reserves with the date of disgorgement marked on the bottle to always guarantee CAVA freshness as a sign of supreme quality.

First fermentation wine
Extraction of the must with a pneumatic press, from which only flower must is designated to produce the Cava.
in stainless steel deposits at a controled temperature of 14ºC.
over fine lees in the deposit for 4 months.
Second fermentation in the bottle
In our winery, (7 metres under the floor level), with a constant room temperature of 15ºC. Ageing over fine lees till the riddling time with the same temperature.
Labelling wich details the disgorging date.

Art Pur
brut reserva
brut nature reserva
brut nature rosado reserva
brut nature gran reserva
brut nature gran reserva Satén
brut nature gran rosado Magenta